The Denmark Running Club has a simple goal – to get people moving.

Our club was established in 2017, after a few keen runners noticed that more and more people were out pounding the pavement or – more commonly in Denmark – running the many trails around town. We wanted to create a club for these runners, and for others who may want to run but aren’t sure where or how to start.

Since then, we have welcomed a wonderful array of members, of all ages and abilities. We have held Denmark’s first ever half marathon. And we continue to support people in their quest to get fit and make new friends.

Anyone can join the Denmark Running Club. You don’t have to be a fast runner, a marathon runner, or even a runner at all! We welcome walkers and joggers, endurance athletes and trail runners. Essentially, anyone and everyone who shares our goal.

DRC Sponsorship
Proudly supporting our junior athletes  

To help Denmark families whose children compete in representative teams, DRC has initiated a sponsorship opportunity to offset some of the expenses involved. Sponsorships include:

• $250 for inclusion in State Country Teams, Individual Representation and State School teams

• $500 for State Team inclusion or Individual Representation

To apply for sponsorship, please complete this form and return to DRC via